Building trustful relationships & supporting farmer's communities

How we source

Building trustful relationships is the key to quality products’ sourcing as well as supply chain integrity.

Through the years, we have managed to build a strong network of trust with our farmers and suppliers and this is what we cherish the most.

We are continuously drawing on synergies and forging fruitful partnerships with like-minded Suppliers and farmers who share Betterfoods values and quality standards.

We visit our supplier’s cultivations frequently monitoring high product quality, ensuring adequate production capacity, discussing challenges, and finding solutions together.

Working as a team with our suppliers, we manage to be transparent and reliable. We create an efficient system by setting up well-planned sourcing schedules and incorporating contract farming. This way we manage to serve our partners’ requirements in the best possible way.

Our experienced team will analyze your request and propose the best matching solution along with samples and technical specifications for you to implement even the most challenging product development. 

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