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Organic Stevia Tea Infusion

Suitable for both dry & liquid organic formulations

Our contribution to your next innovation

Our Organic Stevia Tea Infusion is an in-house innovative formulation serving as a natural sweetener. Covering a broad range of applications, it is trusted by Tea, Food & Beverage Industries worldwide. One of our top-seller products, available in both dry & liquid form. 

Developed specifically to cover the need for natural, E-number-free, sugar substitution while preserving the “organic” claim on our customers’ end products. 

Provides ease of use, 100% solubility in both hot and cold compounds and has 100% natural characteristics. Both forms contain no extra additives thus, are the optimum solution for consumer-friendly labeling.

What our customers use them for

Unlimited Applications


Teas, Herbal Blends, Soft-drinks, Plant-based products, Supplements, Juices, Dairy, Ice-cream, Confectionery etc.

Organic Claim

Approved to be labeled “Organic”

Feel free to ask us for extra approved packaging claims

Production Benefits

Provides innovative & stable solutions, has a high solubility in hot & cold compounds and is very easy to use

100% Natural

Ideal for products with a natural positioning

Exquisite taste

Balanced taste profile & mouthfeel

Consumer Approved

Based on EU market research studies, has a high product liking & an increased buying probability

Consumer-friendly Labeling

Easy-to-read-labelling, E-number-free, organic, 100% natural, sugar-reduced

Ideal for dry & liquid end products

Available Forms

Organic Stevia Tea Infusion


Organic Stevia Tea Infusion


Organic Certified

Both dry & liquid infusions are organic certified

Quality & Taste

High-quality standards & exquisite taste profiles


Sugar- & Calorie-free, blood sugar neutral


Our organic stevia leaves are sourced mainly from sustainable cultivations & EU sourcing, thus, shorter-value chain, limiting CO2 emissions

Our stevia leaves

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