Providing the finest organic stevia leaves in Europe

Organic Stevia Leaves

Our Specialty

We specialize in the trade of organic & conventional stevia leaves, with guaranteed quality and exquisite taste.

Farmed organically, cut at the right moment, dried under optimum conditions, batch-traced, processed, fully analyzed and carefully stored.

This is what makes our stevia leaves so special!

We are the trusted organic stevia leaves supplier for a wide range of global Food & Beverage industries, mostly active in the Tea sector.

Our stevia leaves are available in several forms covering a large variety of applications.

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What our customers use them for

Recommended Applications


Teas, Herbal Blends, Plant-based products, Healthy Beverages & Snacks etc.

Whole leaves

Hand-sorted leaves in different varieties. Ideal for packaging with window.

Extraction cut

Slightly crushed leaves. Ideal for pure & crystal stevia extraction process and loose tea packaging.

Coarse Cut

Approx. 5-8 mm. Ideal for loose herbal blends and several other applications.

Pyramid Cut

Approx. 2-4 mm. Ideal for the tea products packaged in pyramids

TBC Fine

Approx. 0,6-1,8 mm. Ideal for tea products packaged in tea-bags


Ideal for several Tea & Nutraceutical applications.


Powdered stevia leaves. Ideal for healthy alternatives e.g. RTD, fitness shakes, snacks, confectionery, backing products etc. Also ideal for the Cosmetic industry.


Available in dried & liquid form. Ideal for naturally sweetening & calorie-reducing end products with an organic claim.

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Organic Certified

Our Stevia Leaves are Organic certified

Quality & Taste

High-quality standards & exquisite taste profiles


Sugar- & Calorie-free, blood sugar neutral


Mainly sourced from sustainable cultivations & EU sourcing, thus, shorter-value chain, limiting CO2 emissions

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