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Our Mission & Values

What we are working towards

Our Mission

We focus on becoming the one-stop, trusted partner for health & nutrition industries offering ethically sourced, organic-certified, and tasteful dried ingredients.

We are continuously working towards efficiently providing the best matching solutions ensuring an overall enjoyable customer experience.

Our main target is to proactively research the finest ingredients each region has to offer.

At full discretion, we are here to discuss with you your next exciting innovation.

A supreme tasting experience

Product taste remains consumers’ top preference for Food & Beverage products. Therefore, taste plays the most important role in product development.

Our Sourcing team carefully selects ingredients based on taste and aftertaste. Following several tasting controls, the selected products take their place in a handpicked portfolio of supreme flavours.

Quality Control

We are committed to offering the finest quality ingredients which contribute to a healthier lifestyle and improve people’s well-being. 

We make no compromises when it comes to quality. Only the finest raw materials make it to our warehouse. To achieve this, we follow a carefully structured quality control process covering all critical points from farming to final product delivery ensuring safe and sound products.

Each product batch goes through several analysis controls eg. during farming, after harvesting, before dispatch, upon receipt and if required, after processing. This way, we ensure completely safe food products which adhere to all EU Food regulations. 

All our organic-certified farmers follow sustainable farming practices, producing top-quality herbs & spices. 

In addition, our cooperating processing units are HACCP, ISO, IFS, FSSC, NOP, and Organic certified. 

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Customer Experience

A unique customer journey: We are a customer-oriented company. We are offering an enjoyable customer experience throughout the complete sales process from inquiry to final delivery.

Logistics: Our warehouse is located in Hamburg, Germany’s most important port and commercial hotspot. By combining both storage and transporation services under the same roof, we achieve efficiency in stock management and improved delivery times.

Fully traceable supply & delivery process: We are able to track our products back to their origin using batches and identity traceability. And we are transparent on this. You are always informed on the product origin and important batch information.



We source our 100% organic raw material ethically, safeguarding the wellbeing of farmers, their communities, and our planet. 

We are proud of our continuously growing network of organic farmers.

A large part of our sourcing partners is grouped in Agricultural Cooperatives. They apply sustainable farming practices & organic agriculture, following all relevant high-quality standards. Their cultivation methods contribute to exquisite taste profiles, quality & stability, all very critical factors for us and our partners.

Specifically for our stevia leaves, we prioritize EU sourcing limiting both CO2 emissions and logistic costs. When possible, green transportation is being used.

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