“We all have the power to change how food is grown. “

Our Impact

We are building an efficient link among farmers and industries worldwide enabling the transition towards a fairer food system.

At Betterfoods, we believe that our actions, choices & behavior have a direct impact on the environment & the society we live in. Our goal is to bring socially responsible food to the market. 

Being an active player in the Food value chain, we take the following actions to make this impact a positive one!

Organic Supply Network

UN Goal 15

Creating a continuously-growing organic & biodiversity-conservation farming Supply Network


UN Goals 1, 8, 11

Supporting fair-trade in practice by providing better prices for farmers & support farmer cooperatives and their local economies

Reducing Inequalities

UN Goals 5, 10

Supporting women farmers, reducing inequalities in the Supply & working environment

Limiting CO2

UN Goals 13, 15

Limiting CO2 emissions by sourcing preferably from the EU & by using green vehicles, when applicable

Consumer well-being

UN Goals 1, 2, 3, 9

Enabling Industries to produce healthy alternatives for consumers, providing enough, safe, quality & healthy food to people, designing & providing innovative, quality products at affordable prices

Building Awareness

UN Goals 3, 12

Building Consumer & Corporate/Industry awareness around sustainable, organic, healthy products

Betterfoods GmbH contributes to 10 out of the 17 UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.

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