Why do key Tea, Food & Beverage industries and brands pick organic stevia as a natural sweetener?

Living sugar-free is the healthiest option! A subject that nutritionists have long agreed on. Today’s consumers no longer want to read about industrial sugar in beverages and other food product labels. In order for Tea and Food & Beverage industries to reach out to the nutrition-conscious target group, they need to have quality natural sweeteners available. Let’s begin by seeing what stevia or stevia rebaudiana actually is!

What do stevia leaves look like?

The leaves are about 5 centimeters long and have a very sweet taste.

Why are the stevia leaves called “magic plants” or even “wonder herbs”?

For many centuries the Indians living in Paraguay have appreciated the almost magical effects of the stevia plant. The magical herb was called “honey leaf” by the natives and was used as a sweetener for their yerba mate tea. Stevia leaves were also valued as a remedy.

Who discovered the stevia plant and how did it come to Europe?

During a trip to Paraguay in 1887, the researcher Moses Bertoni from Switzerland became aware of the wonder plant of the Indians. He then introduced the previously unknown wonder herb in Europe.

What are the benefits of organic stevia leaves?

Our organic stevia leaves are 40-60 times as sweet as industrial sugar, so just a few leaves are enough to sweeten tea or other food or beverage products.

They contain valuable nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. These nutrients are essential for the development and maintenance of the human body.
Meanwhile, they do not contain any additives and are an ideal sugar substitute for diabetics. In addition, they are suitable for everyone who wants to reduce their sugar consumption
Moreover, organic stevia leaves are tooth-friendly, vegan, insulin-neutral, and lactose-free.
Last but not least, they are excellent for making healthy children’s food products. To sum up, industries and consumers can have added value by using stevia as a natural sweetener.

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organic stevia as a natural sweetener

What is the difference between chemically produced stevia and our organic stevia tea extract?

Many foods, such as iced tea, jams, and sweets, are now sweetened with steviol glycosides, which have been extracted using a chemical process. However, the taste properties differ a lot from the pure organic stevia tea infusion. Betterfoods uses EU origin, freshly dried, pure organic-certified stevia leaves for the production of our organic stevia tea infusion.

organic stevia powder as a natural sweetener

From organic dried stevia leaves, finely ground organic stevia powder or liquid extract: we deliver organic stevia products in almost any required form. Without additives, organic stevia products are 100% natural sweeteners becoming the favorite ingredient for Food & Beverage innovative solutions.

With no calories and no effect on blood sugar levels, organic stevia is the first choice for nutrition-conscious target groups. Exclusively at Betterfoods, you can source liquid or dry organic stevia tea infusion, which is already a beloved ingredient by key industries and brands worldwide in the Food and Beverage industry due to its simple usage and versatile application.

pink soft drink for product development with organic stevia a a natural sweetener
providing innovative & organic calorie-reduced solutions

Together with you, we develop market innovations and find the right organic stevia product as a natural sweetener for your individual requirements. We will be happy to advise you!

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