Organic Matcha Powder – Nature’s wellness booster

Consumers nowadays are looking for natural, cleaner ways to get energized – this fact is combined with the need for reduction of excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar.

Lately, a major consumption shift from coffee and energy drinks to matcha has been identified.

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A plethora of applications

Several recipes are available: simple and traditional matcha & water preparation as a tea, with plant-based milk into lattes or smoothies, in cooking, pastry, in RTDs but also as a basic ingredient in several pharmaceutical products. Note that the last two options are considered as the most favorable and quick ways to enjoy the multiple benefits of matcha by consumers.

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Matcha makes us happy – the “Matcha Effect”

Based on extensive research results, matcha can increase the function of serotonin and dopamine, which are widely known as the key stabilizer hormones and neurotransmitters of  our mood, feeling of well-being, and happiness. This is why whoever consumed matcha for a longer period does feel happier and seldomly goes back to coffee drinking.

Matcha is one of nature’s strongest anti-oxidant with 137 times more than regular tea. Thanks to its high antioxidant nature, it neutralizes free radicals and takes a leading position among nature’s best superfoods.

In addition, along with a balanced diet and exercise, matcha is shown to increase metabolism. Several studies have shown that consuming matcha can increase the rates of thermogenesis (the levels of conversion of calories into energy) from a daily calorie burn of 8%-10%, up to a spectacular 35%-43% of daily calorie burn. All this without creating any side effects of “stress” on the body.

Last but not least, the flavor of our organic matcha powder surely will make consumers to come back for more.

Sweet grassy notes, smooth and round mouthfeel and an umami taste makes drinking our matcha irresistible.

A gentle production process

Let’s now have a closer look at how our premium organic matcha is being produced.

Unlike other mass productions in the world, during the production of our organic matcha, the leaves are not dried out or “toasted”. The traditional way of letting the tencha leaves ( dehydrate at the right time is being used by our producers, so that the leaves retain the maximum of nutrients and create the soft green powder of the highest quality matcha in Japan. In the last stage, experienced pickers very carefully and rigorously separate the young Tencha leaves from stems and ribs, keeping only the body of the leaves and turning it into powder with special granite grinding wheels. The end product does not contain additives or added sugar.


Our impact towards more sustainable consumer products

As consumer behavior is changing towards healthier options, natural functional beverages and snacks are becoming more and more popular. Our goal is to always source top quality ingredients in order to facilitate this shift and enable consumer well being through responsible production, sourcing and supply. Whether it is industrial, culinary or ceremonial grade of organic quality matcha you are looking for, ask our team for a sample today. We are always here to assist you in creating the most flavorful and innovative products out there!

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