Organic sage

What is in the package?

We sell organic sage to consumers in packages of 100 gram. These 100 grams consist of 100% organic sage , which is organically certified by SKAL (NL-BIO-01), the Dutch authority for organic certification. The sage in this packaging origins from …. The products are picked and cleaned by hand, before they are processed to the required size.

What is organic sage?

Sage is an herb which is commonly used  in the Mediterranean kitchen. Sage has disinfecting characteristics, which is the reason it used to be consumed within a glass of milk. Nowadays, it has more application as a spice in the kitchen or a tea then a medicine.

How do you use organic sage?

The content of the package can be used to brew tea, without any processing needed. It can also be applied to a dish, after it has been cut into a smaller size.

What are the health benefits of organic sage?

As mentioned before, sage has disinfecting characteristics. Besides this, tea brewed of sage leaves improves the digestion, it has a calming effect and it is used to fight a cold.

What does organic means?

For a product to be classified as organic, at least 95% of its ingredients must come from organically produces plants and animals. These products need to be certified and inspected by an official certification body. This means that the entire chain to produce this organic stevia leaves powder is authorised to produce organically. The production, import, storing, processing, packaging and all other activities for this product are monitored to ensure its organic quality.


Do you have any question about our product, our company or our organic certification? Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or email.

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