We are from Betterfoods B.V., a young company which is specialised in the trade of biological stevia products (Both leaves and extracts). As an owner-managed company, Betterfoods focusses primarily on trading and service activities for innovative foods products with a great market potential. Our main markets are located in Germany and the Benelux countries.

Our core competencies are based on providing high-quality raw materials from our international network to young innovative companies as well as established companies, and to develop new distribution areas with a high potential.

We mainly work with customers in the food industry. The carefully selected portfolio of Betterfoods is based on three criteria: Best product quality, Sustainability and Innovativeness.

Our assortment has a wide variety of flavours, cut size and country of origin. At the same time, Betterfoods offers high-quality raw materials, both biological and conventional. Our portfolio includes among others:

  • Biological stevia extract (dried and pasty) & biological stevia Leaves (all cut size)
  • Conventional stevia extract (dried and pasty) & conventional stevia Leaves (all cut size)
  • Specialities such as biological moringa, biological mountain tea, biological Verbena, biological sage, biological blackberry leaves, biological spearmint and biological lemon myrtle (all cut size)

Our biological stevia extract of German quality is new in the portfolio and available in dried and pastry form. The manufacturing is done according to the GMP guidelines and is done without the addition of technical additives like glucose syrup or maltodextrin. This gives our customer a 100% German quality.

The biological stevia extract has a good solubility, which makes it perfect for the use in food applications like drinks, cereals, milk, yoghurt products and sweets.

A complete product overview and an order form can be acquired by phone or by mail. Small quantities are delivered directly from stock, larger quantities are delivered directly from our manufacturer

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team!










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