One of the compelling products we sell, are blackberry leaves. Blackberry leaves have a lot of applications in products that require a natural, sweet and fruity flavour. Blackberry leaves are also known as Rubi fruticosi Fol. We provide this product in both organic as in conventional (non-organic) form.

Entire leaves
Rough cut (5,0-8,0 mm)

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Organic Blackberry Leaves Rough Cut, made from 100% organic blackberry leaves.
Organic blackberry leaves rough cut, made from 100% organic blackberry leaves.

Finely cut (0,6-1,8 mm)
Special cut (prefered for pyramid tea bags!) (2,0-4,0 mm)

If needed, we can provide our products in different cut sizes. Would you like to receive a non-binding price request? Get in touch with us!

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