Mr. Zefan Ket, Betterfoods GmbH’s managing director shares his insights on post-covid trends in the Food & Beverage industry and introduces the next generation of botanical sugar alternative solutions

Mr. Ket, how would you describe your experience in the Food & Beverage market in the post-covid era?

“As widely noticed, during the pandemic, consumers have developed new patterns linked to healthier eating and home-created meals and drinks, more than ever before.

Functional ready-to-drink beverages gained in popularity. Preferences in flavor also changed. During this time, organic stevia was adopted by many brands to naturally sweeten their end products, creating a healthier but also tastier, drink experience.

Our organic and conventional stevia tea infusion liquid and powder is being used to take these developments one step further; its organic claim made it possible for organic brands to reduce sugar and take in a zero-calorie natural botanical sweetener.

Those changing patterns continue to shape today’s and most possibly, the future consumer characteristics.”

What industry needs does your organic stevia tea infusion cover?

“The Food & Beverage industry is experiencing indeed a great shift towards organic sugar alternatives. Reasons for this shift are definitely personal consumer awareness but also, the preventive mechanisms of sugar taxes, which are introduced to more and more countries worldwide.

kombucha drinks

In order to tackle this topic, in 2017, we developed our own organic-certified stevia tea extract which was, at that time, new in the market. During the last years, we notice an increasing demand for this specific product mainly by organic brands of healthy alternatives like powdered supplements, snacks, and ready-to-drinks.”

What are the main characteristics of this botanical sugar-alternative solution?

“Our stevia tea extract (powder & liquid) can be used to naturally sweeten up and reduce end-product calories while ensuring a great tasting experience for the end-user.

It is completely natural, produced through mild infusion, has an organic claim, does not affect the glycemic index of the end user, does not create caries, is vegan, and is perfectly suitable for diabetics.

We are happy to see an increasing number of RTD brands developing new flavors with this product and making healthier and more sustainable options available to end-consumers.

At Betterfoods, we strongly believe that we need to work towards finding solutions for a more sustainable and healthier everyday life for consumers and our planet.”

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