Innovation meets tradition: Organic greek mountain tea granulates

One of our customers’ beloved herbs is our Organic Greek Mountain Tea (Sideritis).

greek organic mountain tea

For some years now we deliver this “wonder” tea to cover the demand of many companies implementing healthy tea mixtures. What we got as feedback made us think.

The challenge: Several tea manufacturing units were finding it challenging to process this tea in a proper manner in order to cover their customer’s needs. The main reason was that its branches were too large and in terms of weight, too light. The only solution they could find was to sell it in loose packaging and to B2C consumers. But we wanted to go one step further.

organic greek mountain tea

Our solution: After extended research, a lot of trial and error, and several tasting and application tests, we came up with this innovative idea. Why not creating granulates out of this superfood-herb?

Together with our cooperating processing units’ experts, we found a method to make granulate out of raw Greek Mountain tea. By using these granulates, you can now create tea bags with any mixture of greek mountain tea you desire.

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